Currently on Chinese online portals, pictures with the title “Korean Celebrities Giving Sexual Favors for Bribes” are gaining track.

These blogs are showing pictures and text that “reveal” these untrue facts. On August 15th at, these pictures that have heavy mosaics were being shared. Currently even pictures of celebrities that have passed away are also revolving around these websites. (As an example, Choi Jin Sil, Lee Eun Joo, Jung Da Bin, and Song Ji Sun)

The picture is followed by a mosaic picture that is supposed to be part of the actual video. Chinese Netizens are stating on these portals that they would like to see these videos and seem to believe that they are true. However, the pictures are actually of Japanese AV models or other Asian models of that type.

According to a press release from China there are 37 different celebrities that are being talked about with over 107 gigabytes worth of pictures.