Chloe Moretz and Eric Nam visit Henry and Yewon‘s honeymoon home on the upcoming episode of MBC‘s “We Got Married.”

According to MBC, as soon as Yewon met Chloe Moretz, she couldn’t hide her awe and amazement, saying, “She looks [beautiful] like a wax figure.” However, that doesn’t stop Yewon and Henry from preparing a fart cushion for their guest. As soon as Chloe Moretz sits down, there is a big farting noise. She is flustered and incites laughter when she blushingly insists, “It wasn’t me!”

chloe moretz we got married 2

Afterwards, they introduce her to some interesting Korean food, including sliced raw octopus, pupa, and spicy ramyun, introducing these as “Korean Food Avengers.” While Chloe Moretz seems reluctant at first, after her first bite, she says that it’s actually better than she expects and eats the unfamiliar food quite well. She even actively recommends the food to Henry and urges him to try.

You can catch this episode of “We Got Married” when it airs on June 13.

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