Chocolat‘s debut music video for “Syndrome” has been released.

Their debut single, “Syndrome” will be released on August 17, followed by their first live performance on Mnet’s “M! Countdown!” on August 18. “The debut track is a mixture of dance and electronics, which incorporates powerful choreography,” their agency, Paramount Music, said.

They have been a hot topic recently as they are predominantly comprised of bi-racial members, with the group containing two Koreans and three half-Caucasian, half-Korean members. All three bi-racial members have American fathers and Korean mothers.

Comprised of So Ah, Jae Yoon, Julianne, Melanie, and Tia, Chocolat’s average age is just 18.6 years old. After gone through than 2 years and 6 months of training, the group is said to have outstanding vocal and dancing skills. Previously, we posted their behind the scenes video which introduced the members.