VICTON‘s Choi Byungchan has been named W.Dressroom‘s latest male model for their perfume collection. They released photos from their pictorial, and fans agree that he looks stunning.

choi byungchan choi byungchan1

Fans agree that picking Choi Byungchan as their model is the best choice since the idol can fit any concept they want. Some even joked that their sales would increase by 112% just because of how handsome he is!

choi byungchan2 choi byungchan3

Korean fans are excited for the stores to start using photos of Choi Byungchan as their displays. Many are already expecting people to flood the stores once the pop-ups have been launched.

choi byungchan4 choi byungchan5

With his refreshing and clean visuals, W.Dressroom made a perfect choice in picking their model. Fans are joking that they can already smell the sweet scents the perfume brings with just the photos!

choi byungchan6 choi byungchan7