On the sixth episode of tvN drama “Twenty Again” airing on September 12, Choi Ji Woo (Ha No Ra) dresses up as a high school student in a uniform. Lee Sang Yoon (Hyun Suk) plans a surprise “Uniform Day” event on April Fools’ Day for No Ra who is feeling down.

Choi Ji Woo looking as youthful as ever and fresh-faced Lee Sang Yoon have gone back in time in their school uniforms. On the other hand, the scene of free spirited A Pink‘s Son Na Eun (Oh Hye Mi) and Kim Min Jae (Kim Min Soo) dancing the night away at a nightclub can be seen as well.

Episode five scored an average ratings of 4.7 percent among cable, satellite, and IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) viewers with the highest score being 6.4 percent. The first five episodes placed number one among its competitors airing at the same time slot.

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