Photos of Yoon Sang Hyun and Choi Ji Woo have their fans waiting anxiously for the release of their new drama together, “Can’t Live With Losing.” Lee Kim Production Company released the photos to promote the new drama, which will be airing during “Heartstrings” timeslot, beginning August 24th.

MBC’s “Can’t Live With Losing” features two lawyers whom decide to undergo a divorce, along with the heartwarming events they encounter during the process.

The actor and actress showed a variety of poses and expressions in the photos, arousing the curiosity of fans wondering what the drama will be about.

Choi Ji Woo looked especially innocent dressed in a strapless, white wedding gown, with netizens commenting on her goddess-like beauty. Known for her roles as Cinderella type character, her portrayal of the confident lawyer Eun Jae is much anticipated.

Yoon Sang Hyun, known best known for his role in “Secret Garden” was cast as the husband to Eun Jae.

Source: Nate