Choi Jin Hyuk had an interview about the upcoming military service, and his thoughts on drama “Pride and Prejudice,” which recently aired its last episode.

About his character Gu Dong Chi, he shared, “I was worried throughout the filming of the drama, and it was hard to take a break because the role was so hard. The director is very quick with filming, so we always finished the day’s filming before midnight. But still, because of the drama’s story line, stress was inevitable. It’s a ‘happy’ kind of stress, but I had to study [the script] a lot.” He also added that whenever he struggled during the shoot, he thought about how he would miss acting since he was serving the military soon.

When asked what he thought about going to the military, which is to happen this year’s March, he answered, “If I say I’m not sad to go, it’s a lie. I’m sad but I know everyone has to go. It’s embarrassing that I’m going so late because of work. I’m worried about going. I know that new soldiers who will be serving with me will be around ten years younger than me, and am wondering if I’ll be able to form relationships with them. I bet they’ll be uncomfortable to have me around.”

He added that he had actually planned to serve the military when he was 19 years old, but gave up his plans when he was cast for a role around that time. He shared, “If I went to military that time, maybe I’ll be more focused and relaxed while working, and not worrying about other things. But then I also realized if I really served military that time, I may not have ended up where I am now.”

Choi Jin Hyuk