For the June issue of “High Cut” magazine, actor Choi Jin Hyuk shows off his muscular and sexy body in a new photo spread.

The pictorial’s theme was “Dark Wol Ryung,” Wol Ryung being the character Choi Jin Hyuk protrays on MBC’s current historical-fantasy drama, “Gu Family Book.” While these pictures show the actor in modern and casual clothes, Choi Jin Hyuk keeps the dark and charismatic aspect of his drama character. In particular, the actor’s muscular arms in the tank top and short-sleeve shirt grab the attention of readers, as well as his intense gaze.

The interview conducted in conjuction with the pictorial had the actor talk about the end of the drama and also gave him a chance to thank his fans for all the positive support he has been receiving. You can check out the full interview in the June issue of “High Cut” magazine.

choi jin hyuk high cut

choijin hyuk high cut