Choi Jin Hyuk has once again taken on the role of detective Koo Dong Chi in a shoot for Arena Homme+.

In a shoot for the men’s magazine, the actor expertly reprises his role on “Pride and Prejudice,” displaying the same charisma that he did during his time on the show. As such, the photos feature Choi Jin Hyuk as a detective on a mysterious case and have a deep sense of intrigue about them.


In an interview with the magazine that accompanied the shoot, the actor also describes his continued affection for “Pride and Prejudice,” expressing both his sense of pride in the show and his sadness following its conclusion. “After ‘Pride and Prejudice’ ended, I thought a lot about how much I wanted to become a real actor,” he said. “My desire to become as great an actor as Choi Min Soo really grew from there.”

Fans can the catch the rest of the interview, in which the actor goes into his thoughts on his military service and how he has changed over the past two years, as well as the full shoot in the March edition of Arena Homme+.

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