During a celebration gathering of drama “Pride and Prejudice” that happened before the airing of the last episode, Choi Jin Hyuk shared his thoughts on serving the military, which is to happen sometime this year.

imbc uploaded a video of the celebration onto their official website on January 15. Choi Jin Hyuk stood up with a microphone to share his experiences with the drama team. He started off by saying, “I still can’t believe it. Thank you so much for everything.” He then added, “The filming staff, sunbaes, and even very young hoobaes all told me throughout the filming that I should go serve my time in military. So to everyone’s relief, I will go to military when this drama is over.” Choi Jin Hyuk continued sarcastically, “Because of you all, I will be able to spend the rest of this winter very warmly.”

His co-star, Baek Jin Hee, also stood up and shared, “I learned a lot through the drama. I put a lot of effort into studying the script because it was so difficult to understand, and now the end is near. I really hope this year is full of happiness.”

Pride and Prejudice2

Meanwhile, the last episode of “Pride and Prejudice” was aired on January 13.

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