Actors Choi Kang Hee and Go Joon will be appearing in a KBS drama special!

According to media outlet TV Report, they will be starring as the leads of the one-episode drama “Too Bright Outside for Love” (working title).

“Too Bright Outside for Love” is based on a popular, award-winning novel of the same name by Kim Keum Hee. It tells the story of Yanghee and Pilyong, who met and fell in love in college but drifted apart. They meet again after a long period of time.

Notably, this will be Go Joon’s first lead role. He recently showed off his acting chops in JTBC’s “Misty.” This special drama will also mark the first solo directorial work of Yoo Young Eun, who was one of the producing directors who worked on the first “Mystery Queen” with Choi Kang Hee.

“Too Bright Outside for Love” is set to air in August as one of KBS’s 10 annual drama specials.

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