The agency of actor Choi Min Soo spoke up on the charges of driving in retaliation.

On January 31, MBN reported that Choi Min Soo was indicted without detention and will be going to trial for charges of making threats, causing property damage, and more.

His label Yul and Urbane Entertainment stated, “We sincerely cooperated with the prosecutor’s investigation. [Choi Min Soo] had felt as if the other driver had hurt his car first, so he followed it and got into a fight. Then he got angry after hearing insulting words and reacted.”

According to Choi Min Soo, he was driving in the first lane when the other car came in with the turn signal not lit from the second lane and then suddenly hit the brakes. Even though the owner of the other car recognized this point, they were at odds with each other by honking their horns to just go. Then the owner said, “I will make sure you can’t work as a celebrity anymore.”

Choi Min Soo is determined to prove his innocence in court, and attention is focused on whether he will be able to remove his injustice in the trial as he claims.

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