Actor Choi Si Won revealed his and the other “Super Junior” members’ thoughts on Leeteuk’s recent enlistment.

At 2:00PM on October 31, the production presentation for the new upcoming SBS’s “King of Dramas” took place in the Mok-Dong SBS building. Many involved personnel, including the main casts Kim Myung Min, Jung Ryeo Won, Choi Si Won, Oh Ji Eun, and PD Hong Sung Chang and the writer Lee Ji Hyo were present.    

During the interview, Choi Si Won was asked about Leeteuk’s enlistment on October 30. He replied, “Yesterday I was busy with the drama so I couldn’t be there at the enlistment office, but I visited his house before he left.”

He continued, “The rest of the members are in Chile for a concert. I thought because of the absence of Leeteuk, they would be feeling empty. But they said that they are in fact working harder. We miss him terribly already, but I think this might actually bring us closer together.”

Meanwhile, “King of Dramas” tells a romantic story between a cold CEO of a production agency (Kim Myung Min) and a writer (Jung Ryeo Won) who believes that creating a good TV drama is more important than making money from it. It will be airing its first episode on November 5.