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Super Junior’s Choi Si Won and Lee Si Young first met each other at the beach on the set of upcoming KBS drama “Poseidon,” which is based on a true story. It portrays the real life stories of the Korean marine police.

Actress Lee Si Young and Super Junior’s Choi Si Won, who star in “Poseidon”, met on August 14 while filming. Their great chemistry has earned them the nickname “Ocean Couple”.

The drama centers around the lives of two Coast Guard members, Sun Woo and Su Yoon. Although the two are members of the Coast Guard, Sun Woo (portrayed by Choi Si Won) serves as a police officer in Goon San, while Su Yoon (portrayed by Lee Si Young) works in the Coast Guard office building. As a result, they do not know of each other’s existence– until one fateful day.

While reporting for duty, Sun Woo injures his hand and meets Su Yoon by chance. He falls in love at first sight, and tries to charm Su Yoon. With his dazzling smile and charm, Choi Si Won portrays his character Sun Woo perfectly. With puppy dog eyes and adorable charms, he whines about his injured hand, pleading Su Yoon to bandage it. Su Yoon’s reaction to his “little boy” charm will have you laughing out loud.

Their real love story begins when the two work on an unsolved case together.

With his fresh personality, Choi Si Won always keeps everyone in a good mood during filming. When the staff or fellow cast members call one name, they both answer because the actors have such similar names, (Si Won and Si Young). They often mistake the name for their own, resulting in simultaneous responses. As a result, there is always laughter on the set.

The anticipation for the drama continues to build as September draws closer. The first episode is set to air on September 19.