Choi Ye Geun, who was well-loved for her appearance as an auditionee on “K-Pop Star 2,” will be making her official debut.

Today, Choi Ye Geun is debuting with the song “Super Moon.” The song combines elements of R&B, hip hop, and jazz, and Choi Ye Geun herself participated in composing and writing lyrics for the song. Her fellow auditionee, Kim Il Do of duo 2000 Won, featured in the song as the rapper.

“Super Moon” is a song about telling the pains and worries that she was afraid to voice to the world to the super moon.

Meanwhile, Choi Ye Geun was 16 when she made her appearance on “K-Pop Star,” and she was well-loved for her unique arrangements and her emotional singing. She made it to the top 8, earning praises from all of the judges.

Watch the MV for the song below:

Here is a clip of  Choi Ye Geun singing in “K-Pop Star 2”:

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