The Chu family and the Lee Twins’ family will go head-to-head on an exciting bowling match!

On the upcoming episode of “Superman Returns,” the two families visit a bowling alley. Despite this being Seo Eon, Seo Jun, and Sarang‘s first time holding a bowling ball, they surprise their fathers by being really good at bowling. As soon as Sarang enters the bowling alley, she picks up the ball right away and looks very interested in the game.

When they start playing, Sarang ends up scoring points that even some adults can’t achieve, which stuns the fathers as well as the staff members there.

Seo Eon, on the other hand, heaves the bowling ball with all his might and shouts, “Ball, go!” and “Fall over!” and remains completely focused on the rolling ball. Even when it’s not his turn, he turns all his attention to the ball when he hears one and is totally immersed in the game.

Seo Jun looks very confident when entering the bowling alley, even though it’s his first time. He even remembers to count the number of pins he manages to knock down, which surprises the staff members once again.

To find out Lee Hwi Jae and Chu Sung Hoon‘s bowling skills, watch the next episode of “Superman Returns” on September 6 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

Which family do you think will win?

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