UFC fighter Chu Sung Hoon announced today that he will take a short break from variety shows to focus on his upcoming UFC match.

This left many wondering if Chu Sung Hoon and Chu Sarang will no longer appear on KBS2TV’s “Superman Returns,” but the show’s producers have now reassured fans that there is no need to worry about getting your weekly dose of the Chu family.

“Chu Sung Hoon’s family has completed many filming sessions, and we have footage in store for the future. Chu Sung Hoon will spend the next two months preparing for his match. Last time [when he had a match], Yano Shiho filled in for him and filmed the show with Sarang. We have yet to decide whether she will be doing that this time around too,” a show representative explained to OSEN, and finally denied any rumors of the family dropping out due to Chu Sung Hoon’s sudden shift in priorities, saying, “We have not discussed their departure from the show. The show is expected to air without complications like last time.”

Meanwhile, Chu Sung Hoon will make his UFC comeback on November 28 through the “UFC Fight Night 79” held in Seoul.

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