Chun Jung Myung is a strong candidate to star opposite Park Min Young in the upcoming KBS drama “The Recognition of Honor.”  Local media reported that the actor along with his agency is positively considering the role. Earlier, we reported Park’s casting in the drama that will be helmed by Lee Jung Seob and penned by Kang Eun Kyung.  PD Lee and scenarist Kang were the team behind 2010’s ratings giant “Baker King Kim Tak Goo.”  

Initial reports on “The Recognition of Honor” say it is a 24-episode drama about Yoon Jae In, a woman aspiring to become a nurse.  She meets an injured baseball player and the two struggle to live their dreams without losing hope.  It is scheduled to replace “The Princess Man” in October.

Chun was most recently seen on TV in the historical drama “The Duo,” with Han Ji Hye.