Chungha (also known as CHUNG HA) and DIA‘s Huihyeon have an extremely close bond. These two besties have been close since the first season of Mnet‘s Produce 101 and have gone on to steal countless hearts with their sweet friendship.

Luckily, with both Chungha and DIA currently promoting their latest hits, “PLAY” and “Hug U” respectively, the two friends have been able to share even more cute moments together like their latest interaction backstage at Inkigayo.

chungha huihyeon 3

After the music show on July 12, Chungha headed online to share some very sweet pictures she snapped with Huihyeon backstage.

chungha huihyeon 4

Of course, both Huihyeon and Chungha looked as stunning as ever in the pics but, in addition to their heart-fluttering visuals, they also looked absolutely adorable as they matched each other’s poses!

chungha huihyeon 1

And adding onto the heartwarming feeling the two already delivered, Chungha captioned her posts with, “Thank you for always being by my side.”

chungha huihyeon 2

Fans everywhere are feeling more than a little overwhelmed by the sweet moment and are so happy to see them together once more!

Their friendship really is the sweetest!