Chungha recently participated in a photo spread and interview with bnt where she talked about her struggles, the singers she wants to collaborate with, and more.

When asked what has been the hardest experience in her life, Chungha replied, “I struggled a lot after I.O.I disbanded,” and “I trusted my agency and I had confidence in myself, but I was worried that I might not live up to the public’s expectations. I really struggled.” She confessed that she always worries a lot, earning her the nickname, “Worry doll.” She said, “If I get signed on to appear on a variety show, I’ll start worrying from the moment the decision is made,” and “For the same reason, I don’t have any personal social media accounts because I’m scared of bad comments.”

Chungha was also asked if there are any singers she wants to collaborate with and she immediately replied, “Of course, I.O.I. Even now, we contact each other every day. I really want us to get together again.” She also chose Paul Kim for a ballad and MAMAMOO’s Hwasa for a dance track. She added, “I’d like to meet my role model Lee Hyori again. I once got to greet her and give her my CD, and she was so cool.”

The singer has recently been busy performing at college festivals and she smiled as she said, “I like college festivals because there are so many people there who are my age. They sing along and cheer for me so much that it feels like a solo concert.” On top of her busy schedule, Chungha is currently preparing to return with new music this summer. She excitedly said, “It’s going to be the kind of song where you hear it and you immediately know it’s mine.”

Chungha concluded her interview stating that though she has come very far from her trainee days as both a member of I.O.I and as a solo singer, she believes she has much further and higher to go yet.

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