Get ready to open your heart to an amazing new boy group! Ciipher, the first group under Rain‘s agency, is set to debut in just a few weeks—and here’s everything you need to know about them.

If you’re relatively new to K-Pop, you might not know much about Rain, but there’s no doubt that he’s one of the biggest stars in Korean history. With millions of albums sold, the 38-year-old singer and actor has been taking South Korea and the international K-Pop scene by storm since he debuted as a soloist in 2002.

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Now, Rain is branching out to K-Pop group management. He established his own company, RAIN Company, in 2015, and he’s finally ready to debut his first group: Ciipher.

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Filled with trainees hand-picked by Rain himself, the group is already expected to be a huge success. Most of the members have already appeared in the public eye on survival shows like YG Treasure Box and Produce X 101 with training periods ranging up to almost eight years.

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If you have any doubt of their talents, check out the members performing Rain’s hit song “GANG” alongside him on Immortal Songs 2 last week.

The group will be making their debut with their first album, I Can’t Help It, on March 15, 2021. Until then, here’s everything you need to know about Ciipher’s seven members.

1. Hyunbin

20-year-old Hyunbin is expected to be the leader of Ciipher and one of the group’s vocalists. Born Moon Hyun Bin on February 26, 2000, he first entered the public eye as a contestant on Produce X 101 in 2019.

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At the time, Hyunbin was a trainee under Starship Entertainment expected to debut with CRAVITY. However, after ranking no.32 overall and facing elimination in episode 8, he decided to leave the agency and join RAIN Company. Overall, Hyunbin spent four years and six months as a trainee.

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2. Tan

24-year-old Tan is expected to be one of Ciipher’s vocalists and the actor of the group. Born Choi Seokwon on August 25, 1996, he first got his start on NO.MERCY, the survival show that formed MONSTA X in 2014.

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At the time, Tan was also a trainee under Starship Entertainment. He was unfortunately eliminated from the show in episode 10, at which point he decided to enlist in the military to serve his obliged duty.

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3. Hwi

22-year-old Hwi is expected to be one of Ciipher’s dancers. Born Kim Byeong Geun on February 4, 1999, he is one of the few members not already known to the public.

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Not much is known about Hwi yet, other than that his hobbies are watching movies and playing badminton.

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4. Keita

19-year-old Keita is expected to be part of Ciipher’s dance and rap lines. Born Terazono Keita on July 4, 2001, he was first introduced to the public in 2018 on YG Treasure Box, the show that eventually formed TREASURE.

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Keita was the first trainee under YG Japan, but was eliminated from the show in its penultimate episode. In total, he’s been a trainee for seven years and eight months. He’s Ciipher’s only Japanese member, and his favorite K-Pop acts include BIGBANG and 2NE1.

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5. Tag

18-year-old Tag is expected to be one of Ciipher’s rappers. Born Yeom Tae Gyun on September 30, 2002, he’ll be a constant on High School Rapper 4 this year.

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Before starting his idol career, Tag was a child model and actor. Prior to joining RAIN Company, he trained under On Air Academy alongside GHOST9‘s Prince. Like Prince, Tag was also raised in Thailand, which is why he speaks Thai and English alongside Korean.

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6. Dohwan

17-year-old Dohwan is expected to be one of Ciipher’s vocalists. Born Gil Do Hwan on August 26, 2003, he was a contestant on YG Treasure Box alongside Keita.

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Like Keita, Dohwan was also eliminated in the survival show’s penultimate episode. However, he remains close friends with TREASURE’s Doyoung. Alongside singing, he can also play the haegeum, a fiddle-like Korean string instrument.

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7. Won

Last but not least, 17-year-old Won is Ciipher’s maknae and expected to be one of their key songwriters. Born Park Sung Won on December 18, 2003, he was originally a member of 1THE9.

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Won placed 7th on Under Nineteen, making it into the final 1THE9 lineup. Initially an A Team Entertainment trainee, he promoted with the group under MBK Entertainment until they disbanded in August 2020.

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