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Shik Joong: You’re sleepy?! Now? During this critical time?
Shik Joong: Eyes! Eyes!

Suk Doo Shik (Chun Jae Man’s right hand man): He told me to find him this woman…
Yoon Sung: Who is she?
Suk Doo Shik: Lee Kyung Hee
Yoon Sung: Lee Kyung Hee…?

Head Prosecutor: What were you thinking?!
Young Joo: I’m sorry. He took my gun.

Young Joo: Sunflower…Sunflower…

Se Hee: They took it…the secret documents….

Yoon Sung: I’m sorry. I found out about everything…
Kyung Hee: What?
Yoon Sung; About my biological father…

Shik Joong: Prosecutor Kim Young Joo saw your face?!

Yoon Sung: Kim Young Joo. Are you happy now?

 “City Hunter” will air episode 19 tonight, July 27th, on SBS at 9:55PM KST.