*Spoiler Alert* The Following Article Contains Spoilers to City Hunter. Do Not Read If You Don’t Want To Be Spoiled!

The ending of City Hunter was ambiguous for many as people wondered if Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho’s Character) had died at the end. Yoon Sung got shot by his father when he took a bullet for the president, and at the very end Yoon Sung is seen driving off into the city.

On July 29th City Hunter’s Jin Hyuk PD stated that, “Lee Min Ho did not die, he also found it humorous that people considered it an ambiguous ending.”

He continued, “The ending does have a bit of ambiguousness, however we did not intend that at all, the meaning behind Yoon Sung driving into the city showed ‘City Hunter’s’ strong will against injustice.

*End of Spoiler*

A lot of attention is being focused on whether City Hunter will have a second season because of its open-ended ending. When asked whether there would be a second season, Jin Hyuk PD stated, “Are you considering a second season?” He replied “No, it’s only possible if Lee Min Ho would be willing to.

Source: TV Report