SSD released teaser stills of Lee Min Ho in the upcoming episode of “City Hunter.” According to producers, the actor will showcase various action stunts that will leave the viewers’ mouths hanging open. Filming took place on Sunday at a junkyard just outside of Seoul. The cast and crew had difficulty shooting the action sequence because the rain from the day before muddied up the ground. Additionally, the raindrops on the cars made it slippery and dangerous for the actors to fight on top of.

Since the beginning, Lee Min Ho refused to use a stunt double for his action scenes, and this “junkyard action” was no exception. He flew over cars as he fought eight other stuntmen, displaying his trademark kick to put down his opponents. Lee Min Ho almost slipped several times and obtained minor injuries while filming. Despite the difficult conditions, he completed the scenes without any particular NGs.

“City Hunter’s” martial arts director Yang Kil Young stated, “While Lee Min Ho’s tall height is a disadvantage for stunts, his agility and reflexes help him create superb action scenes. Additionally, he puts in a lot of effort and does not spare himself. Working with him was a rewarding experience, and I enjoyed it.”     

Viewers can catch this “junkyard action” scene in tonight’s episode of “City Hunter.” The blockbuster series will finally come to an end tomorrow with episode 20. Meanwhile, episode 19 will air tonight, July 27th, on SBS at 9:55PM KST. Check out the preview for episode 19 here.