In tonight’s episode of “City Hunter,” Park Min Young will display her adorable charms by dancing to f(x)’s hit track “Nu ABO.” The scene was filmed on Monday, and the actress practiced the choreography with the help of her stylists until shooting began. Park Min Young lit up the set with her set of cute dance movements while singing along. She made several adorable NGs as she cracked up while filming.  

A representative at the studio commented, “We usually shoot throughout the night, but Park Min Young never fails to cheer everyone with her bright and enthusiastic attitude. It’s as if Kim Nana is on set.”

SBS also released a set of Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young’s “smile series” photos throughout the day today. The stills captured behind-the-scenes moments of the actors on set. Keep checking back to see more updated photos as they are released! “City Hunter” will air its thirteenth episode tonight on SBS at 9:55PM KST.   

Park Min Young dancing to “Nu ABO”

Smile series shots of Lee MIn Ho and Park Min Young