SSD released teaser stills of Park Min Young from tonight’s episode of “City Hunter.” As shown in the preview for episode 18, Kim Nana (Park Min Young) was kidnapped and tied underwater in an attempt to catch the City Hunter (Lee Min Ho).  

Filming took place on Monday at the 63 Sea Worlds in the 63 Building, the tallest skyscraper in Seoul. Because it is one of the popular destinations for local tourists, filming had to take place after hours. Park Min Young bravely completed the necessary shoot underwater with both her hands and feet tied. Filming was especially difficult and grueling for both Park Min Young and the crew because it took place in a real saltwater filled tank at the aquarium. Not only was the water salty, but the water temperature was close to zero degrees Celsius.

While the sharks were taken out, all the other living creatures were kept to make the scene as real as possible. Special underwater equipment was brought in to create a beautiful cinematographic effect of the shots. Despite the challenging and tiring process, Park Min Young never let it show how exhausted she was.

A representative of SSD stated, “She wasn’t just underwater. Both her hands and feet were tied, and she probably had a much more difficult time than she lets on. It’s vital for the actors and the crew to have perfect timing for underwater shootings, and the process only gets more grueling if either one makes an NG. Luckily, Park Min Young and the crew were able to safely complete shooting; and while it’s a critical, serious scene, it’s portrayed very beautifully.”

“City Hunter” will air its 18th episode tonight, July 21st, on SBS at 9:55PM KST. It recorded 18.8% (AGB Nielsen) viewership ratings for last night’s episode. Park Si Hoo’sThe Princess’s Man” recorded 10.2% for its 1st episode, while Jung Yong Hwa’sHeartstrings” followed with 5.7%. 


Photos courtesy of SSD