For the upcoming episode of “City Hunter,” Lee Min Ho hid his gorgeous face behind a black bandana as he filmed in the sweltering heat. During the shoot, he wore a turtleneck bandana that covered almost his entire face, minus the eyes. Unfortunately, the day was extremely hot (30 °C, 86 °F) and humid, but the actor showed no signs of discomfort and managed to put his all into his character. While it’s difficult to portray expressions with so much of one’s face covered up, Lee Min Ho managed to display Lee Yoon Sung’s emotions through his eyes.

Currently, Lee Yoon Sung is still on his way to avenging his father’s unjust death. He’s already taken out two of the “group of five” responsible for the wipe-out plan, that unjustly murdered South Korean special forces soldiers who were sent on a mission in North Korea to avenge the 1983 Rangoon Bombings. Yoon Sung has moved on to his third target, prosecutor Yong Joo’s (Lee Joon Hyuk) father Jong Shik (Choi Il Hwa). The bandana is probably the disguise he uses as he takes action against Jong Shik.

Producers of the show stated, “We’re already past the halfway mark, and our cast and crew are extremely tired. However, the increasing popularity and viewership ratings are boosting everyone’s energy onset. Please root for our cast and crew as they continue to work hard.”

Meanwhile, the plot thickens as Yoon Sung begins to fight both his father and the group of five to find what he believes to be the right solution to justice and to protect those he loves. “City Hunter” will air its thirteenth episode tomorrow, July 6th, on SBS at 9:55PM KST. You can check out the preview for tomorrow’s episode here.

Photos courtesy of SSD