CIX attended the V Heartbeat Awards 2019, and people can’t believe just how much Bae Jinyoung has grown.

cix bae jinyoung cix bae jinyoung1

Many recall how Bae Jinyoung looked when he first appeared on Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2 and during his debut with Wanna One, with people loving his cute, fresh, young image.


But Bae Jinyoung of CIX is now mature. Now that he’s an adult both internationally and in Korea, the idol is embracing his more mature image and aura.

cix bae jinyoung2 cix bae jinyoung3

People notice the subtle changes in Bae Jinyoung’s appearance that prove how he’s matured. Many have commented on his jawline is much more pronounced and sharper, and his cheeks have less fat. Fans also note that their make-up stylist has opted for darker make-up to make him look even more mature.

cix bae jinyoung4 cix bae jinyoung5

People also notice how his body is much more fit than when he was promoting with Wanna One. With the power of puberty and working out, the idol’s body has turned from a boy into a man’s.

cix bae jinyoung6 cix bae jinyoung7

CIX recently made their comeback with “Numb.” Check out the song here!