CIX made their debut back in July of this year, and within just a short span of 4 months they’ve returned with a brand new album and comeback promotions.

cix comeback sleep 2


During their comeback showcase, Bae Jinyoung confessed that the quick comeback schedule cost the members adequate sleep. He revealed that it was the hardest part about their hectic, jam-packed schedule.

cix 4 month comeback sleep 1

4 months is a pretty short period of time. However, we heard “Numb” while promoting our debut album.

We were able to prepare it early thanks to it but the members didn’t get enough sleep. I think that was the hardest part about [our quick comeback].

— Bae Jinyoung


He revealed that the members stayed up all night on multiple occasions to prepare for their album so they want to make sure that they have the best promotion that they can.

We stayed up all night for this album, so I’m going to try to be as less nervous as I can.

I am going to work hard on our promotions so that we don’t have any regrets.

— Bae Jinyoung


He also explained that one of the reasons why they made such a quick comeback was for their fans. He claimed, “The only thought that I had was that I wanted to show our awaiting fans a more improved image to ourselves.

cix comeback sleep 1


CIX released their new album, “Hello Chapter 2 ‘Hello, Strange Place”, and their title track “Numb”. Here’s to all the success the boys deserve for their hard work and sacrifice!