CIX‘s Bae Jinyoung is known for many things; his husky voice, his small face, his godly visuals. Now, he is being praised for his new hair, as it seems the idol has chosen to let it grown out into a mullet.

The idol is currently rocking the mullet look in all its glory, and his jawline only makes him look even more manly. He proves more and more each day that he is growing into quite the man.

bae jinyoung1

People compliment the look, with people saying that his long neck and killer jaw only helps his new ‘do. Netizens comment how hard it is to pull off a mullet, but he does so effortlessly.

bae jinyoung2

Fans also noticed how much bigger Jinyoung’s chest is, with people commending to his dedication to being the best version of himself.

bae jinyoung3

One thing is for sure: Bae Jinyoung is no longer a baby!