CJ E&M has released an official statement in response to the team that is currently investigating the suicide of PD Lee Han Bin, who previously worked on tvN’s “Drinking Solo.”

On April 18, a source from CJ E&M stated, “We express great sadness regarding the unfortunate death of Lee Han Bin. We would also like to offer our deepest condolences to his family, who is grieving.”

They also added, “Although we have been discussing the causes [of suicide] with the police and the family after the investigation of the PD’s death, we feel very sorry for what happened today. If the police and the public authorities take the lead in investigating, our executives as well as the staff will actively participate. We will accommodate with the investigation, prepare for improvements, and take responsibility.”

Meanwhile, an investigation team has demanded that CJ E&M apologize after they came to a conclusion regarding the “Drinking Solo” PD’s suicide, which happened back in November 2016.

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