CJ ENM is partnering with large-scale global studios, including Universal Studios and MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s Inc), to produce U.S. remakes of “Sunny” and “Miss Granny.”

CJ ENM revealed that Universal Studios will be in charge of the investment and distribution of the U.S. remake of “Sunny,” called “Bye Bye Bye.” “Bye Bye Bye” is being produced jointly by CJ ENM and Hartbeat, a production company lead by the famous American comedian, Kevin Hart. Amy Aniobi, a scriptwriter that’s actively working with HBO, Amazon, and other large studios in the U.S., will be working on the script with the hopes to start filming in the second-half of 2019.

Previously, Hollywood studios would purchase the copyright to remake Korean movies, but “Bye Bye Bye” is noteworthy in the sense that Universal Studios participated in the co-production based on the trust in CJ ENM’s studio capabilities. “Sunny” showed an appealing plot-line for the global market because of its relatable contents involving memories of school-life, friendship, first-loves, and music. With the help of Universal Studios, it’ll be possible to utilize their financing, marketing, and distribution infrastructure to help “Bye Bye Bye” succeed.

Furthermore, Tyler Perry Studios, created by famous director, writer, and actor, Tyler Perry, and MGM will be partnering with CJ ENM in the remake of “Miss Granny.” MGM is one of Hollywood’s representative studios for having produced the “James Bond” series, “Ben-Hur,” “A Star is Born,” “The Hobbit” series, and more. The remake of “Miss Granny” is expected to do well in the U.S. market as it is a heartwarming story about family. In addition to “Miss Granny” and “Bye Bye Bye,” CJ ENM is working on at least 10 other projects to take over the U.S. market.

In the meantime, watch the original version of “Sunny” below!

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