2NE1’s CL and Big Bang’s G-Dragon of YG family have been receiving a lot of attention not only because of their recent activities as idol stars, but also their similar taste in clothes. 

Recently, CL made a come back with the rest of 2NE1 with their first full album titled “To Anyone” with an eye-catching red leather jacket.

Fans have noticed that the jacket’s design is very similar to the outfit that G-Dragon wore at an award ceremony in Japan last year. At the time, G-Dragon chose the outfit to emphasize his fit body.

For her newest album photo, CL wore a short bolero-styled jacket. Although in comparison to G-Dragon’s outfit, CL’s is much more extravagant, the general style of both jackets are one and the same. CL’s jacket design is that of several smaller pieces with embedded metals coming together, creating a jacket that emanates the image of a female warrior.

Representatives of the fashion industry have stated, “The two stars were already known to the public as close friends, but it seems as though they like the same styles as well.”

Credit: NATE