A kiss scene between Clara and Song Joong Ki is recently gaining much traction among the netizens.

Several pictures labeled “Clara who used to kiss Song Joong Ki” had surfaced on community boards. In the picture, they are seen taking a selfie together, sharing a rather romantic moment. There are also pictures of them kissing very passionately.

They seem like they’re a couple, but these pictures are actually stills from a 2009 movie, “Five Senses of Eros.” Their roles were those of a young couple on a vacation, which subsequently led to a steamy kiss scene.

Clara, who is now well known for her amazing figure, can be found wearing a casual sweater and an ordinary hair cut.

Netizens have responded: “I can’t believe there was a Clara kiss scene,” “I want to kiss Clara too,” “Does Clara have a boyfriend,” “What would kissing with Clara feel like?” 

song joong ki and clara