Actress and TV personality Clara has suggested making a shocking promise to bare it all if her new drama hits 40% of viewership ratings!

On July 1, SBS’s morning talk show, “Good Morning” showed an interview segment of the lead actresses of the new weekend drama, “Goddess of Marriage,” including Nam Sang Mi, Lee Tae Ran, Jang Young Nam, and Clara.

Clara plays the role of the mistress of Jang Young Nam’s husband, Jang Hyun Sung. She commented, “I will try to research many attractive charms so I can make Jang Hyun Sung my man.”

When asked about viewership ratings, Jang Young Nam and Lee Tae Ran commented, “It’s not easy to pass 40% but we will be optimistic,” and Nam Sang Mi also said 40% is her expectation.

When the reporter asked what kind of promise they will make if the ratings hit 40%, Clara’s answer surprised everyone because she said, “Let’s all do a nude shoot.”

Netizens commented, “Clara is so honest,” “She’s so honest that I think the other actresses find her burdensome,” “Are you really going to keep that promise?” “The other actresses’ reactions are funnier,” and more.

clara screen cap