The 62-year-old father of actress Clara, Lee Seung Kyu recently made an appearance on MBC‘s “Sebakwi” with his daughter for a special “Father-and-daughter” edition of the show. During the “I Have Something to Share” section of the show, Clara carefully asked her father what he thought about her controversial, figure-accentuating outfits. 

She explained, “My Dad always tells me I look pretty, or that he enjoyed watching my shows – but I wonder what he really thinks on the inside. My father has his own reputation to uphold, but I fear that I may be tarnishing it.”

Her father replied, “When I saw my daughter throw the ceremonial pitch for the baseball game, I wondered, ‘Where did she get an idea like that?’ But personally… I wish she was recognized for being elegant and dressing in good taste.” Clara’s father went on to say that he understood her position as an actress and shared other concerns for her as a father.

Afterwards, Clara and her father showed off some sweet dance moves to the thrill of the audience. 

What do you think about Clara’s rise to fame as a result of her emphasis on “being sexy?” Is it genius self-marketing or a desperate attempt to resuscitate her acting career?