Clazziquai’s Alex recently made a guest appearance with actor Chu Hun Yup from the MBC morning drama series “An Angel’s Choice” in the latest episode of MBC’s “Good Day.”

 The emcees of the show exclaimed that it had been quite some time since they had seen Alex make an appearance in a drama series, to which Alex replied that he has had time to reflect on his actions since July, when he was charged with a DUI for having a blood alcohol concentration of approximately 0.134%. 

 He stated, “For the past nine years since my debut, I’ve only ever been working constantly. But I took time off from all of that to reflect on the grave incident that recently occurred because of my actions. I have turned it over in my mind many times, taking full responsibility for what had happened and I blame myself.”

He continued, “My junior, Chu Hun Yup has shown me such support this entire time by waiting for me to give him a call myself when I was ready to talk about the incident.”

 Chu Hun Yup also introduces his family and home on the this broadcast of  MBC’s “Good Day”.