On February 12, CLC won their first ever music show trophy on “The Show” with their newest song “No.”

It was a valuable result from working hard for four years since their debut (1,427 days).

CLC has attempted various concepts ever since they debuted, and after searching for the most suitable concept, they found their chic charms during “Hobgoblin.” Their chic concept only grew more defined over time, and through “No,” it matured even more. They were able to completely express their sophisticated sides in this comeback.

After winning their first win, CLC said, “It’s our first win since our debut. We’re just very happy and grateful. We’ll think of today as the beginning and work harder, so please keep your eye on us.”

This win was even more meaningful to Yeeun because she is a host on “The Show.” She commented, “I am so happy we won first place. Since I was an MC, I had to do my duty to the end, so I was too busy to talk. My members worked really hard. I’m grateful to Cheshire [official fan club name], and we will repay you with our better selves as much as you gave us love. Thank you.”

Youngest member Eunbin shared, “It’s the thing I’ve dreamed of. I didn’t cry when we received it because it felt like a dream, but as soon as I came off the stage, I sat down in the hallway. I was so happy, and when I saw my fans, they were so brilliant, so I was grateful. From now on, we will be CLC who shines brightly. I love you so much.”

Congratulations to CLC!

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