2NE1‘s fierce leader CL has recently been recognized for her glamorous body.

CL has been chosen to represent one of Korea’s leading beer brands, Cass Light. After appearing in the ice-themed CF, she has continued to appear in the space-themed CF. It was in the space-themed CF that CL’s hot body line was highlighted, which caught the eye of many fans and netizens.

In the CF, CL is sporting a tight and shiny body suit for the perfect futuristic, space look. The tight body suit showed off CL’s curvy lines. Even though the body suit covered her entire body, CL’s body line was enough to give off an incredibly sexy vibe.

Actor Lee Dong Wook’s acting and comic dances along with CL’s sexy dance also brought a new level of fun for the viewers.

Netizens who were surprised by CL’s body commented, “CL’s body is a true luxury body,” “I can’t believe she can look so sexy with just her body line. I’m sure Lee Dong Wook felt attracted to her,” “Was she cast because of her body?” and more.

Check out the CF below!