CN Blue have been on tour in Asia since late July in places like Hong Kong, Korea, Shanghai, Taiwan and Thailand.

Recently, Warner Music Taiwan stated that the popular rock group has gone double platinum with their albums “Bluetory” and “Bluelove” which has sold over 10,000 copies each.

In Taiwan, the record of sales in order to be considered platinum is 10,000. Artist such as Super Junior and SS501 has released music in Taiwan but none of them have gone double platinum.

Their latest album “Bluelove” has been topping various billboards.

The albums track “Alone” has been dominating Taiwan’s mobile charts such as EMOME and Taiwan Mobile Chart.

CN BLUE also released two singles in Japan before entering into the local music scene in January with their mini-album “Bluetory” and released their second mini-album “Bluelove” in mid-May, both of which have done well in Korea.

Their song “I Don’t Know Why” is currently at #15 on the Japanese Daily Oricon Chart.

cr: Asiae