Gagwoman and tv personality, Song Eun Yee has become part of the same family as CN Blue and FT Island.

On October 12, a representative from FNC Entertainment stated, “Song Eun Yee has signed a contract with FNC Entertainment in the beginning of October.” “After FNC Music became FNC Entertainment, the company decided to not just focus on singers, but work together with actors and tv personalities.”

Currently, FNC Entertainment’s roster is filled with singers CN Blue, FT Island, Juniel, AOA, Oh Wonbin and actors such as Park Kwang Hyun, Lee Han Na, and Kwak Dong Yun. Song Eun Yee became the first gagwoman to join the agency.

Song Eun Yee is currently involved in MBC’s “Infinity Girls” with Kim Sook, Kim Shin Young, Ahn Young Mi, Baek Bo Ram, Hwang Bo, Shin Bong Sun and Hwang Bo Wa.

Soompiers, SM Entertainment has previously announced that they’ve signed on big names in variety like Kang Ho Dong and Shin Dong Yub, making it the first for a well-known music label. Do you think FNC is liking SM’s new business plan or is the timing just a coincidence?