CN Blue‘s drummer Kang Min Hyuk transformed into a melancholy autumn man, which is a completely different image from his character in the ongoing sitcom, “Unexpected You.”

Kang Min Hyuk posed for the beauty and lifestyle magazine “Allure.” His sad and cold eyes were a departure of what fans were used to seeing in his past dramas. Kang Min Hyuk’s serious but youthful image created a perfect mix of autumn melancholy.

In “Unexpected You,” Kang Min Hyuk’s character is developing a love line. In the interview that followed the photo shoot, he commented, “I think Bang Gui Nam (played by Yoo Joon Sang) is the closest to what I think a good man should be like. If I find someone who I like, I think I will treat her better than how Gui Nam treats Yoon Hee,” proving that he is quite the romanticist.

He also commented on how he will focus on the group’s first Japanese full album after activities for “Unexpected You” are finished. He said, “I don’t want my name to be known and have the band’s balance be broken,” and revealed that he will be focusing on music for the time being.