CNBlue is reported to have built “CNBlue School,” a charity project school, in the African country, Burkina Faso. Through this project, CNBlue will support the school’s operational costs, such as school facility and free meal expenses, for over 1,100 students. In order to support the school, CNBlue will donate part of the proceeds from all of their concerts and album sales.

CNBlue’s agency stated, “CNBlue will launch a project where they will build and support a school named after them in the city called Niamadougou. They started this project in order to provide better education to African children and to give them a chance to overcome their underprivileged circumstances for a better lifestyle.”

Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in Africa. Due to their poor economic condition, children in Burkina Faso are not provided adequate education and most kids are forced to the streets to support their family. “CNBlue School” is reported to have opened in March and just recently began running.