On March 26, CNBlue held its “Enjoy Lunch Party for EAR FUN” at the L Tower in Seoul to officially kick off its promotions for its third mini album.

Before it began the live performance, CNBlue told fans and reporters to “sing along if you know the songs. We’ve been up practicing till dawn. We couldn’t really sleep, so we practiced all night. We’re still very nervous.” Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jung Shin, Lee Jong Hyun, and Kang Min Hyuk then passionately performed “I Still Love You,” “In My Head,” and title track “Hey You.”

During the press conference, Jung Yong Hwa revealed the burden he and fellow CNBlue members felt while preparing for their comeback, especially following Big Bang, SHINee, 2AM, and Shinhwa’s comeback. Jung Yong Hwa stated, “We were very worried when we began our preparations for our comeback. There were many doubts as to our timing, especially with such big artists making their comebacks around the same period.” He continued, “We didn’t really feel the pressure of competing with other artists before. We simply performed because we loved it and had fun doing it. We decided to go back to that attitude. We want to continue our activities without having to worry about competition or rankings.”

Lee Jong Hyun added, “We feel more pressure by the day; but in order to lessen that burden, we’re practicing harder and harder. In order to take away some of that pressure, we’ve put our best into this album.”

Meanwhile, CNBlue released its third mini album “EAR FUN” today, March 26, at midnight KST. The album consists of six tracks: “Hey You,” “I Still Love you,” “Dream Boy,” “Rock n Roll,” “Run” and “In My Head.”