Earlier today, CNBlue held a comeback showcase in Seoul. During the “Enjoy Lunch PARTY for EAR FUN,” CNBlue held a press conference and live performance stage, showing both fans and reporters what the boys have been preparing for the past year.

During the press conference, Jung Yong Hwa revealed his childhood dream. He confessed, “You might laugh when I say this, but ever since I was a kid, my dream was to take home the no. 1 spot on the American Billboard Charts.” He continued, “I’m happy because I feel like I’m getting a bit closer and closer to my dream. “

Jung Yong Hwa further stated, “During our break, we were fortunate enough to go on tour overseas, as well as perform in the States.” He added, “From now on, we hope to reach the top solely through our efforts and hard work.” 

Meanwhile, CNBlue released its third mini album “EAR FUN” today, March 26, at midnight KST. The album consists of six tracks: “Hey You,” “I Still Love You,” “Dream Boy,” “Rock n Roll,” “Run” and “In My Head.”