CNBlue’s Kang Min Hyuk will finally make his grand appearance in the hit weekend drama KBS’s My Husband Has a Family” (aka “You Rolled in Unexpectedly”) this Saturday, March 17. In the series, he will play Kim Nam Joo’s younger brother named Cha Se Kwang. Kang Min Hyuk’s character is described as a natural player who can captivate women’s hearts regardless of their age. He’s also a charismatic and loyal friend.

Producers stated, “Kang Min Hyuk completed his first filming at club M2 in Hongdae on March 13. The shoot started at 8PM and lasted four hours. His amiable personality allowed his to quickly befriend actress Oh Yeon Seo despite meeting and working with each other for the first time. “

Kang Min Hyuk expressed, “I recently came back form the States after performing a joint concert with F.T. Island and CNBlue. Even when I was abroad, I didn’t skip out on watching ‘My Husband Has a Family. I was constantly thinking and practicing on how to make my first appearance as memorable as possible.” He also expressed his gratitude towards bandmate Jung Yong Hwa. Kang Min Hyuk continued, “Jung Yong Hwa, who has a lot of acting experience, practiced with me, so I was able to focus more and get comfortable with it.

Meanwhile, “My Husband Has a Family” airs every Saturday and Sunday on KBS at 7:55PM KST.