On March 30, CNBlue held their comeback stage on KBS “Music Bank,” singing their two new tracks, “Hey You” and “Still in Love.”

After the performance, local media DongA caught up with the group for a short interview. CNBlue said, “We’re glad to return to music shows. It hasn’t been too long since we debuted, but it was funny to see so many younger artists greet us.”

Asked about sharing the comeback stage with Shinhwa, CNBlue said, “We look things from a fan perspective. We grew up as big fans of Shinhwa, so just to think about sharing the same stage as them made us really nervous. It’s an honor to be compared to them.”

They continued, “For this album, we’re just enjoying it, taking it as if it’s our first album. We’re not even thinking about 1st place at this point.”

But when they were asked to rate their comeback performance, CNBlue seemed confident. “We don’t have any regrets on the stage, so we’d like to give a 100. I guess since we didn’t expect anything, it was good to see us rank #1 on online charts. If we ever get to win #1 on music shows, we’ll headbang for the entire encore performance.”

At the end, they also left a special message for their fans. “We’re finally back to see our lovely fans. This year, we’re planning to do a lot more fan meetings, fan signing events, and concerts, and meet you more often. Please continue to support us. We’re always thankful for everything.”