Boy band CNBlue has released the promotional video for “Lady,” their latest Japanese single.

Their sixth major single in Japan, “Lady” swept pre-order charts, as well as ringtone charts before its official full-track release on July 31. “Lady” is composed by Park Hyun Woo and member Jung Yong Hwa, and the lyrics are written by Kosuke Oba and again Jung Yong Hwa. The single album also contains the tracks “Don’t Care” and “Monday,” which are also works of Jung Yong Hwa.

The PV is simple, with the boys rocking it out in an abandoned warehouse. 

In related news, member Kang Min Hyuk is confirmed as part of the cast for the upcoming SBS drama “The Heirs.” Jung Yong Hwa is reviewing a lead role in another drama called “Future’s Choice.” Lee Jung Shin is currently appearing in the KBS drama “The Blade and Petal,” and Lee Jong Hyun is making a special appearance in the KBS special drama “Adolescence Medley.”