CNBlue‘s Jung Shin‘s recent picture with his hair pulled back has been gaining attention from his fans. On March 22, Jung Shin uploaded onto his twitter a photo reflecting his daily life.

With the photo, Jung Shin wrote, “Hello. It’s Jung Shin! Our comeback date is quickly approaching! I can still remember our promotion activities for ‘First Step,’ which was around this time last year. It is our comeback after a year and we are working hard to not make it look awkward so please give us much support and attention. I’ll see you next week, good night.”

The picture accompanying his words to his fans showed him sitting in the car with his hair pulled back and flashing a mischievous look towards the camera.

Fans who have seen the picture seemed drawn to his pretty forehead as they left comments like, “Your beauty is evident even with your hair pulled back” and “Your attractiveness and forehead is brightening.”  

Fans also expressed their excitement for the upcoming CNBlue’s comeback. They left encouraging messages like, “I cannot wait for your comeback!”  and “CNBlue fighting!”

CNBlue’s album is currently set to be released on March 26 and they are expected to start their promotional  activities shortly after.

Jung Shin uploads a photo onto his twitter for his waiting fans.