CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa is set to join Kang Ho Dong as an MC in the new talk show “Talk-Mon” (working title)!

The news was confirmed by a representative of cable channel Olive TV, which will be broadcasting the new show, who also added, “Kang Ho Dong and Jung Yong Hwa will be the main MCs. Lee Soo Geun will also be joining the show as well.”

Park Sang Hyuk worked as the producing director (PD) of “Strong Heart” and is working on “Island Musketeers,” and he will also be the chief producer (CP) of the upcoming talk show.

When asked why he chose Jung Yong Hwa to join the show, Park Sang Hyuk replied, “Jung Yong Hwa is a very considerate person. I feel that watching him interacting with guests on ‘Island Musketeers.’ Most of all, he’s an extremely talented person who does well in music, acting, and variety shows, so he has the ability to listen and connect with stories shared by people from different walks of life. I believe that he will be an excellent MC.”

He also spoke confidently of the upcoming partnership between Kang Ho Dong and Jung Yong Hwa, which has already been proven through their appearance on “Island Musketeers.” The CP added, “The two celebrities are bound to bring a different kind of chemistry along with the change of scenery. I’m sure that their work together will be fun and exciting to watch.”

“Talk-Mon” will invite celebrities from different fields to come share their stories and experiences. The show will begin filming early next year.

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